Versatility Awards

Versatility awards are given to reward the wide range of skills and the activities in which Finnish Lapphunds and their owners excel.

Points are gained from dogs passing obedience tests with the Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards, Character Assessments, Agility, KC Rally, Obedience, Trials, PAT dogs, Blue Cross dogs, Assistance dogs, Flyball, Heelwork to Music, Tracking and of course, for Showing. – see the information sheet for all the details. The Royal Kennel Club has links for information on most of these activities. We’d love to hear from you about the activities you take part in with your Lappie, even if you haven’t won anything yet.

If you’d like to make a claim then please review the points matrix and information sheet before completing the Versatility Claim Form which can be downloaded below. Please return your completed form to our Versatility Awards Steward.

Each award winner receives a rosette and certificate as well as featuring on the Versatility Awards – Roll of Honour and in the Club Year Book. So start claiming now for you and your dog!

Versatility Awards Points Matrix

ShowingOne 1st (min 3 present in class.) or three 1sts (not alone in class.) at Open Show.BOB at Open Show.OrBOB AVNSC Open Show.(min 3 present in class for above.)or1stin Cruftsqualifyingclass ata Ch.Show (with FL CC’s)BOB at Ch.Show(without FL CC’s) or Res. CC or RBIS at Breed Open Show or ShCMBIS at Breed Open Show or Junior WarrantDog or Bitch CCCh. Title orCACIB or RBIS at Breed Ch. Show orBOB at General Ch.Show(with FL CC’s)International title or Ch. title plus Group place at General Ch. Show or BIS at Breed Ch.Show
ObedienceWin an Obedience Class at Companion Show. or Basic Obedience test or 2nd or 3rd. placing in Pre-beginnersWin out of Pre-beginners or Top 3 placing at BeginnersWin at Beginners or Top 3 placing at Novice1 win at Novice or Top 3 places at AWin at A or Top 3 places at BTop 3 places at C
TrialsGain 40% marks in WTGain 55%marks in WTGain CDGain CdexGain UDGain Udex
Heel Work to MusicPass a Level 1 H to M test. or Gain 50% score in Starters Freestyle or H to M Class at Open Show.Pass 1 Level 2 or 2 Level 1 H to M tests or Gain a 75% score at Starters in H to M or Freestyle Class at Open Show.Pass 2 Level 2 or 3 level 1 H to M tests. or Placing at Starters in H to M or Freestyle Class at Open ShowWin out of Starters in H to M or Freestyle at Open Show. or Top 5 place in Novice.Win at Novice in H to M or Freestyle Class.Top 3 place at Intermediate H to M or Freestyle Class.
AgilityPlacing in Scheduled Class. or Clear Round, (when awarded.) in Scheduled Class at Open Show.Win out of Elementary or Top 15 placing at Starters, Grade 2 or 3 or Top 5 placing at Grade 1Top 10 placing at Starters, ABC, Grade 2 or 3 or Top 15 placing at Novice or Win at Grade1Top 3 placing in Starters or ABC or Top 10 placing at Novice or Top 5 placing at Grade 2 or 3 or Agility Warrant (Bronze)Win at starters or Grade 2 or 3. or Top 20 placing at Intermediate. orTop 5 placing at Novice. or Agility Warrant (Silver)Win at Novice or grade 4 or Top 3 place at grade 5 or Agility Warrant (Gold)
KC RallyGain a Level 1 (1A) qualifying scoreRL1 title or a Level 2 (1B)qualifying scoreRL2 title or a Level 3 (2A)qualifying scoreRL3 title or a Level 4 (2B) qualifying scoreRL4 title or a Level 5 (3A)qualifying scoreRL5 title or a Level 6 (3B)qualifying scoreRL6 title
KCGCPuppy FoundationBronze Good CitizenSilver Good CitizenGold Good Citizen
Assistance / CharacterGain Character Assessment grade “ Pass.” or Pass PAT Dog or Canine Concern test or be a Blue Cross Education dog.Pass Assistance Dog test.Gain Character Assessment Grade “Excellent”
Canine Hoopers UKFoundation Good HoopersBronze Good HoopersSilver Good HoopersGold Good Hoopers