Finnish Lapphund Club of Great Britain

Finnish Lapphund Club of Great Britain

The Finnish Lapphund Club Of Great Britain welcomes everyone with an interest in the breed, from dog lovers wanting to find out more, to experienced owners and breeders. Whether you own a Lapphund or not, we hope you’ll find the site informative!

The Finnish Lapphund Club of Great Britain is the founder breed club in the UK club and is recognized and supported by the Royal Kennel Club.

Our aims are to protect and further interest in the breed. We work to promote the health and well-being of Lapphunds, to encourage the breed type and to offer advice to new and prospective owners.

About the Breed

The Sami (Laplanders) have an old proverb: “Give the first bite to the dog and it will work harder than you”.  When the Laplanders and the dogs found one another no one knows, perhaps it happened from time immemorial. 

Learn more the about the history, standard and health of our wonderful breed here.


The Club is the founder breed club in the UK and is recognised and supported by the Royal Kennel Club

Members support and care for the breed in the UK. You may be looking for the latest on health issues, advice on care and training or like minded members for Lappy walks and competitive showing.


Thinking of welcoming a Finnish Lapphund puppy in to your life?

We strongly recommend that you go to a breeder who is a member of the Finnish Lapphund Club of Great Britain as these breeders have committed to following the latest care, breeding and health testing, rules and code of ethics of the club.

Latest News

Events & Shows

The club hold three shows over the year. Our breed Championship Shows at the KC Building at Stoneleigh each April and a second show held in conjunction with Southern Counties Canine Society. The club open show is held in conjunction with National Working & Pastoral Breeds Show in July.

The club also man the Finnish Lapphund booth everyday in the Discover Dogs section at Crufts each March providing a great opportunity to see these wonderful dogs hands on.

For the full low down and show calendar, read on here.

FLCGB 15th Breed Championship Show - Entry now open!

Entries are now open for the Finnish Lapphund Club of Great Britain 15th Breed Championship Show. In partnership with Southern Counties Canine Association General Championship Show. Under judge Miss E Haapaniemi (Finland). 

Show date: Friday 31st May 2024

Postal entries close: 22nd April 2024 (Postmark)

Online entries close: 2nd May 2024 @ Midnight

Enter here!Show Schedule