Why does a dog need to be re-homed? 
There are many reasons which are no fault of the dog - unexpected allergies, family breakup, illness, changes of circumstances at home which make it impossible to keep the dog - all unforeseen when someone first gets a Lappy, but it can and does happen.  We don't often need to look for a new home for a young or adult Lappy, but we are there to help and hope you will be too.

If you think you may need to find another home for your dog, or know of an older dog that needs re-homing, then please get in touch with Dorothy and Patrick White on 01773 827370 or email them at They will talk through the situation with you and if needed, help you find a loving home for your dog, respecting your views on confidentiality. By the way, the photos are of dogs that are modelling - they do not need new homes!

Please put the dog's welfare uppermost and get in touch - they can't do it themselves.  We can also advise on behavioural problems.

If you are interested in having a young or adult dog that needs to be re-homed, then please get in touch with Dorothy and Patrick, find out more and register your interest. We do have families keen to welcome an older dog into their home. There are real benefits - ask anyone who has gone through toilet training with a pup, on the hour, every hour, in the rain!

This is Jani who was successfully rehomed in 2015, She is now a blue cross education dog.

Thank you to her new owner Jean for giving her a fresh start. We love reading of your visits into schools with Jani over on our FB page. 

Luckily we currently have no Lapphunds looking for rehoming.
But if you feel you could take one of our rehoming Lapphunds into your lives, please register your interest. 
All information correct as of 09/04/2019

If you'd like to help those dogs that need to be re-homed, then there are a couple of things you could consider:

We'd welcome a donation to the Health and Welfare Fund. This can be given by adding it to your membership renewal or by sending your contribution to Vikki, our Treasurer.

You could volunteer to be an Area Co-ordinator - Dorothy and Patrick will be happy to give you more information. Please see contacts for details.