Versatility Awards

Versatility awards are given to reward the wide range of skills and the activities in which Finnish Lapphunds and their owners excel.

Congratulations to the winners!


Points are gained from dogs passing obedience tests with the Kennel Club Good Citizen Awards, Character Assessments, Agility, KC Rally, Obedience, Trials, PAT dogs, Blue Cross dogs, Assistance dogs, Flyball, Heelwork to Music, Tracking and of course, for Showing. - see the information sheet for all the details. The Kennel Club has links on most of these activities, click here for more information.


If you'd like to take part then please download the Information Sheet covering Rules, Awards, the Points system and some examples of how to claim. If you'd like to make a claim then please complete the Versatility Claim Form which can be downloaded as a word document here, or a PDF here. Each award winner receives a rosette and certificate as well as featuring on the Roll of Honour below and in the club's Newsletter and Year Book.


Sheila Hall is the contact for these awards, you can email her at We'd love to hear from you about the activities you take part in with your Lappie, even if you haven't won anything yet.


The Points system has just been updated (September 2021) and the points matrix can be seen here, so start claiming now for you and your dog!