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Members support and care for the breed in the UK. You may be looking for the latest on health issues, advice on care and training or like minded members for Lappy walks and competitive showing. As a member you'll get a regular newsletter to keep you up to date and the committee members are always there - for advice on finding a puppy or queries on health, showing or activities.

The Club is the founder breed club and the only national club in the UK which is recognised and supported by the Kennel Club however we receive no funding from the KC and all committee posts are voluntary.

We want to continue with work on improving health and welfare as well as showing, so please join, your support is greatly appreciated!

In the background, the committee liaises with the Kennel Club and the British Veterinary Association on health, genetics and surveys and we manage judges' lists and organise events and training.

We also have a Health & Welfare function to support owners and their dogs if needed.

We aim to represent the views of our members through consultation.

New Members
We welcome new members. Download the Membership Form 
here and the Standing Order Mandate here.

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