As part of our policy of celebrating, supporting, highlighting, and promoting our veterans the Club maintains a list of our older Lapphunds.

Details of ALL older Finnish Lapphunds are requested whether he or she is:-

A show/working dog or just a family member ~ From a well known breeder or from a one litter only breeder ~ Only just 7 years old or older ~ Fit and healthy or has health issues ~ An only dog or part of a pack.

If you would like to join other Lapphunds in celebrating the life of your older dog, please download the form here (1 form per dog), complete it and return it to us by email If sending a print, please label the back and write the dog’s pet and registered name.  Please note that only the dog’s registered name, pet name, age, gender, owner, county and photo will be displayed on the web site.

In order to keep the list as meaningful as possible, it is important that you let the Club know if he/she sadly passes away.

There is also a rainbow bridge section where your dog can remain on the site as a permanent tribute to him or her, entries are listed chronologically and can be seen here.

Veterans are listed below by age with the the youngest first.

Latest News


FLCGB joins the Animal Health Trust's Genome Project. 
We would like to inform all of our members of a new project, we are delighted to be taking part in. 
The Finnish Lapphund Club of Great Britain has used monies from a legacy to join the Animal Health Trust Genome Project. 
We have sent £1000 to become a part of this exciting new investigation . By funding this and being one of the first ten breeds to join we will have matched funding from the Kennel Club only available to the first fifty breeds to participate. It is a step in the direction of discovering the genetic make up of our breed. 
Visit AHT's website to find out more. 
Please watch this space for future announcements!